The Forty Year War

I will soon begin to publish a very long piece, possibly a novel, one chapter at a time here on WordPress.

The story is about two sisters. These characters appeared in a story which appeared in Literally Stories UK called The Dreampurple Light and another related piece called All I Love Dies Alone, which will appear on LS on 31 May.

I want to see if I can blog a book during the ten hours a week I typically piss away on my Christless ferry commute.

2 thoughts on “The Forty Year War

    • ,Thank you, L’Erin. First installment will appear on this site on 29 May. I look forward to seeing your work for Meta Mag. I have read them. Good gig. Believe they pay a penny a word, which is a damn good rate for first paying gig. Your stuff has the right realism to convey the fantastic element they excel at. Never worry about rejections. I stopped counting mine at a thousand. Good luck, and thank you again. It is deeply appreciated.

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