On Board

Funny thing how Mom always said she and Dad only wanted three kids whenever I broke something or brought a note home from school. I mean, really, this late in the game she ought to come clean with it. We’re all grown ups now, and if she still feels that one of us shouldn’t have been born, well, fuck it, you can only hold on to the apron string for so long.

Plenty of time to think on the ferry ride home. One hour. I bet it was my brother Joe, Mom wanted to send back initially, then as he honed his butt kissing skills, my star fell.

Can I help it, being honest. Sort of a feminist King Lear thing going on in the family. Instead of only two wicked siblings, l have three.

Can’t think anymore. Woman behind me is eating Cheetos like a swine. Hope she’s reading over my shoulder.

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